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By Sheila Hayes,
Senior Staffing Specialist

Position Yourself for Optimal Employment

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Landing any type of meaningful employment gig, whether short-term or long-term, contractor or warehouse, retail or office requires an understanding not only of what employers are looking for in a potential employee, but also what differentiates the employee from everyone else.

In short—it’s your differentiators that can help elevate your chances of employment as well as lead to long-term positions, pay raises, and increased responsibility and trust.

So how do you position yourself both on paper and in person to enhance your chances of landing the job you desire?

Here’s a few pointers to get you started:

Tell Them You’re Ready to Work

Employers in the short-term and contractor arena generally lean towards candidates whose schedules are flexible. Candidates who are willing to pick up shifts and work nights and overtime tend to rise to the top of the candidate pile solely because they have the ability to help out whenever needed. A willingness to adapt to a fickle work schedule demonstrates a solid work ethic and can lead to more long-term employment opportunities.

Also, companies love hiring individuals who are not only flexible, but also possess an enthusiasm to learn more and excel at their job. It’s important to let your employer know that you’re willing to learn and are open to a diverse range of employment opportunities.

All that being said, if you truly do not have a flexible schedule, it’s important to share that information with your potential employer and employment group to avoid any conflict or miscommunication. The last thing anyone wants is to hire an employee only to find out they can’t do the job or work the hours as discussed.

Show Off Your Skills

All employers love to see what skills you bring to the table—as long as they’re relevant to the job. When it comes to your resume, be sure to point out any education, experience, or specialized skills that can directly help you land the position you’re seeking. If you’re bilingual, be sure to list that at the top of your skills. Bilingual workers can generate higher pay and more long-term employment opportunities especially in professional and office workplaces.

If you find your resume to be a little light on experience, include a list of awards, education, or interests that pertain to the job description. And if you still aren’t filling up the resume sheet, then do your research on the company and be prepared to strike up a conversation during the interview that shows you’ve done your work and truly understand and are interested in what your role will be within the organization.

It’s also important to understand that many companies actually prefer hiring new or inexperienced candidates as long as they show a willingness to learn. Your trainability gives the company a chance to help you hone your skills from the ground up in a way that maximizes productivity while setting you up for future employment opportunities both inside and outside the organization.

Educate Yourself

When you take on a new position, whether in an office or a warehouse, it’s vital to express an interest in learning new skills and adding value to the team. A willingness to learn new aspects of a job or a different aspect or area of a company can lead to increased pay and long-term employment.

Not only that, but by laying out a genuine enthusiasm for the job you’re seeking as well as showcasing your interest in expanding either laterally, vertically—or both—you can diversify your future job options across several industries.

Look Your Best

This goes without saying but appearance is crucial when making a first impression with an employer. So how do you know what appropriate attire is? Simply dress according to the position you’re looking to fill. Still don’t know what that entails? If you’re looking for an office position, research the website of the company you’re hoping to work for to get a feel for their company culture and then dress yourself one-step-up from what you see.

If you’re applying for a warehouse position, look neat and presentable—no baseball caps, logos, or strong fragrances.

And no matter what job you’re applying for or currently at, remember to put the iPhone away and focus on what you’re there to do—work!

Be Positive

Everyone likes to be around friendly, happy people. When you enter your new job with a positive attitude, you not only open yourself up to new relationships, but also to additional employment opportunities. Employees who react positively to constructive criticism find themselves in growth opportunities. By being a productive and positive team member, you can demonstrate your commitment to enhancing your career and furthering the company culture.

Plus, a positive attitude not only benefits your future employment opportunities as well as the company at large, but it also stimulates your brain and increases energy levels, empowering you to carry out your job duties at a higher level. Added bonus—positive thinking also reduces stress!

Communicate Effectively

No one likes drama—especially in the workplace. And no employer likes no-shows! Not every work environment is perfect. Sometimes miscommunication can lead to workflow issues, wasted time, or an unhealthy work environment.

By expressing your own concerns as well as listening to your employer’s concerns, you can create an atmosphere that suits your work/life expectations and keeps stress to a minimum. Good communication between management and team boosts teamwork and leads to better project and duty collaboration as well as creating an uplifting environment void of careless errors.

And when it comes to missing work, always let your employer know. We all have days where we just can’t make it to work. No matter what the excuse, reaching out to your employer or to your Certified representative can not only keep you employed, but can also build trust as well as generate a stronger relationship and line of communication between you and your employer.

And if the job just isn’t right for you, try your best to give two weeks notice. This gives our team at Certified enough time to find you new work, and also shows you respect your current employer, opening you up to positive employment references for future job openings.

At Certified, we believe in creating a system that supports our candidates and expands their careers with our expert guidance and experience. We want you to have the best chance to elevate your career and land the job that will make a difference in your life both professionally and financially. If you need any further assistance on how to enhance your employment potential, simply reach out—we’re always here to help you advance your career and your future.



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