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Intake Meetings: How to Optimize Your Business with the Perfect Hire

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If you’re new to the recruitment hiring process, then you may not be familiar with one of the most important first steps in finding the ideal candidate for your business—the intake meeting. Intake meetings are an important tool for recruitment agencies to ensure both our recruitment staff and your company are aligned on what your vision and requirements are for your new hire. By connecting on a professional and personal level, Certified is able to pinpoint ideal candidates that fit your job description, allowing both parties to save time and thus, money, in the long-run.

The importance of an intake meeting cannot be understated. Without this “kickoff,” it’s easy for both recruiter and hiring manager to waste hours searching for and finding the wrong candidate. In fact, hiring the wrong employee can cost your company roughly 30% of their first year salary—that’s a lot of money down the drain. By thoroughly examining major talking points such as salary, experience, job title, location, perks, and other details about the job, Certified provides hiring managers with a streamlined list of candidates aptly suited to their vision of an ideal employee, while also giving us an in-depth look at your company that will assist us in finding future hires.

In order to fully understand the necessity of an intake meeting, it’s important to dive into the process, familiarize yourself with the information that will be requested, and equip yourself with the information you need to help us find the candidate that will take your company to the next level, no matter how big or small the position is.

Preparing for the Intake Meeting

At Certified, we believe in a completely transparent recruitment process, which means giving you the insight and access to each step of the hiring journey to ensure everyone is on the same page throughout—and that means giving you the information you need to help us find the right candidate.

When preparing for an intake meeting, it’s essential to come to the table not only with the general functions and duties of the job position, but also the intangibles. Be prepared to not only answer questions about qualifications, job title, education, and salary, but also about company culture, length of time you’ve been searching, why the role is attractive to candidates, vacation/sick pay/maternity leave and any skill testing or certifications required. Our ability to sell the role to optimal candidates increases the likelihood of finding the perfect employee.

It’s also extremely helpful for us to know any negotiable elements or deal breakers you may have, as well as gain access to the profiles or resumes of past hires who were perfect (or imperfect) for the job.

But it’s not just about giving us the information we need to find the candidate you’re looking for—it’s also about giving us the information we need to prepare our candidates for the job. That means coming into the intake meeting with a list of steps and/or personnel the candidate can expect to meet, chat, or interview with along the way.

The more we know, the better we’re able to find you candidates that are in line with your vision. And that means an ideal hire, faster.

Know What the Role Is

Sometimes job titles don’t say everything they need to. A “consultant” can mean a million different things, while a “foreman” can have several responsibilities spanning a wide spectrum of necessary qualifications. By knowing exactly what duties the role requires, Certified is able to help you (re)define the position and eliminate candidates that can’t perform the tasks you require.

It’s also important to note that sometimes roles and titles are too broad or are overloaded with duties that span more than one job—which makes finding the ideal candidate difficult. By working through the role description with our team of experts, we’ll help you determine whether or not the right candidate exists for the position, and if not, we’ll help you optimize your workforce and productivity by creating a separate position.

Understanding Where We Find Candidates Can Help You Understand Our Benefits

Intake meetings are a great opportunity for clients to ask the nuts-and-bolts questions surrounding our industry. And one of those big questions is—where do we find our candidates? The simple answer is this—we know where to look.

The right candidate for your company most likely isn’t searching or applying for positions on Indeed or Craigslist because they know that’s a waste of time. Instead, Certified pulls from all six branches of our company to source candidates that fit the unique role you’re looking to fill. We arrange preliminary interviews, handle background checks, check qualifications and education, and find the resumes that match your ideal employee. That means you save literally hundreds of hours and thousands of dollars in HR.

By connecting with our candidates on a personal level, we ensure that your hire not only meets the requirements you set forth in the job description, but also aligns with your company culture. Our only goal is to ensure you not only get someone who can fulfill the role you’re hiring for, but who can also help elevate your company on a personal level. As you know, a good work environment means higher employee retention and less office drama.

The What-if’s?

At Certified, we’ve been one of the Bay Area’s most successful boutique recruitment agencies since 1963—that’s because we depend on the strategies and practices we’ve developed over the past five decades to ensure our clients find their ideal candidates. Still, not everyone we work with understands the power of the intake meeting—so we’re always prepared to assuage any doubts you may have. Let’s explore the what-if’s.

What if I don’t have the answers Certified is looking for during our intake meeting?

If you don’t have all the answers—don’t worry. Our expert recruiters can help guide you through the process so we gain the information we need to optimize your hiring process. By being thorough, transparent, and straightforward, we can ensure you get what you’re looking for.

What if I don’t have time for an intake meeting?

Taking the time to meet with our recruiters empowers both our clients and Certified recruiters to align expectations and foster relationships which in turn means a more thorough hiring process for all parties including candidates. The result—time saved. Hiring the wrong candidate can cost you years of productivity. Simply put: Intake meetings help generate productivity.

What if I don’t know exactly what I’m looking for?

No problem. Certified specializes in helping you create the job role and title you need to fill. We’ve worked with thousands of clients who just need a little clarity to enhance their business. Our ability to help you hire for the right position can have a massive positive impact on the future of your company.

We’ve all heard the saying: Failure to prepare is preparing to fail. Certified prides itself on its commitment to finding the employees that can help streamline your business while enhancing your company culture—but in order to do that, it takes preparation on both sides. The result— you save time. You save money. And you find the employee you’ve been looking for.


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