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Employee Frequently Asked Questions

Have a question? Check the topics below for some answers. If your question is not addressed, please call your local Certified branch office. We want you to feel prepared and informed when you go out on assignment.

If for any reason you won't be able to report to your assignment or will be unavoidably late, call Certified before your starting time so that we can inform our client that you will be absent or late. You may leave a message on our 24-hour voicemail. The earlier we are notified of an absence/lateness the better for you, for us and for our client!

When you are on an assignment, contact us when it is ending. We want to place you quickly, and we also want to hear about your experience on-the-job. If you are not currently on assignment, we would like to hear from you every week (Monday is best) so we stay updated on your availability. Communication is key in helping us to find you a great job!

We pay employees weekly. Paychecks are issued on Fridays for the work of the previous week if a valid timecard is submitted and approved by Tuesday of that week. This means if you receive a check by mail, it will be mailed Thursday; if you are paid with Direct Deposit, funds are transmitted Thursday night. Thursday holidays will result in a one day delay. Please note: it is your responsibility to complete your timecard fully and accurately before you submit it to us. You may submit your timecard to us by mail, in person, or via our electronic timecard system where available.

If you are asked to travel, contact Certified immediately. This is for your protection. Our job descriptions are 99% accurate, but sometimes our employees are asked to do something outside of the job description without our knowledge. When this happens, we need to know about it because some activities, such as driving on assignment, are prohibited. Examples of things you might be asked to do that are outside the scope of your described tasks are operating unfamiliar machinery, working at a site other than your originally assigned location, lifting boxes, etc. Of course if any duty you are asked to perform makes you uncomfortable, call your Staffing Specialist to discuss the issue. Please do not complain to the client - let us handle the job duty conversation. Communication between you and Certified is very important. We want our employees to be safe and comfortable at all times.

First notify your on-site supervisor, and then call your Certified representative immediately. Remember that Certified is your employer and is required to file an injury report with our insurance carrier. We will direct you to an approved medical clinic if you need treatment. Notifying us quickly helps insure that you receive the proper care for your injury and lost wages, if applicable. Our office will follow up with the treating clinic to monitor your progress.



Timecard and paycheck questions?

Call our payroll hotline: 510.420.3750

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