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Timecard Login: https://certifiedemployment.myavionte.com/staff

Need to print a paper timecard? Click here.

If you have come to this part of our website, we presume that you have worked on an assignment and are ready to report your hours and submit them to Certified in order to receive a paycheck. Paychecks will not be released without a timecard that has been approved by an authorized supervisor at the client company.

It is your responsibility to complete your timecard fully and accurately before you submit it to us. Any timecard submitted after Tuesday will be processed the following week.

Have a question? Check the topics below for some answers. If your question is not addressed, please call our payroll hotline: (510) 420-3750 or email mis@certifiedemployment.com

Timecard Frequently Asked Questions

We pay employees weekly. Paychecks are issued on Fridays for the work of the previous week if a valid timecard is submitted and approved by Tuesday of that week. This means if you receive a check by mail, it will be mailed Thursday; if you are paid with Direct Deposit, funds are transmitted Thursday night. Thursday holidays will result in a one day delay.

Click here to see instructions on how to submit a timecard via Certified's timecard system.

In accordance with California law, it is required that all employees working over five (5) hours in a single work day take a minimum thirty (30) minute break. This break must be taken before end of the fifth hour.
If you work over ten (10) hours in a single work day, you are entitled to a second meal break of at least thirty (30) minutes. The second meal break must be taken before the end of the tenth hour of that shift. For more details, click here.


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